Who Are We?

The problem.

Every large organisation struggles with the same thing.

IT project delivery is hard. Digital transformation is even harder!

Forbes recently published that the majority of all IT projects fail, while Gartner claim over 60% failure rate is a conservative estimate.

Digital Transformation is not a competitive advantage anymore, it is simply needed to keep up.

Therefore, CIOs and ITDs need to find a way to improve their success rate.

Value proposition

Your IT project delivery and Digital Transformation needs to be faster, reliable and predictable!
Your team understands your organisation and are busy delivering your project churn. However, you have a number of key projects, programmes and transformation initiatives that you know are too important to treat like the rest.

This is where we come in. You can partner with BHL Digital to deliver the volume projects. However, you should really partner with us to engage with a team that you can trust will deliver the change which is critical to your company.

Many organisations would reach out to the big four or other big names for support. It is very easy to justify to the board, but you know that you would pay a premium. Our customers are bolder than that. They, like you, engage us as they expect both industry leading expertise and great value for money.

Since we were founded, we have proven that whomever the customer, we have always delivered on time, to budget and driven the key outcomes. Our growth is due to the fact that customers of ours work with us time and time again.

If you recognise this challenge and want access to a flexible team of experts to drive your important projects, change and transformation – get in touch!

The solution

BHL Digital is the solution.

When you engage us, we bring the right people to the table to lead your projects and transformation.

We bring experts who have a proven record of reliably driving complex change. We create the environment for your change to succeed.

You gain confidence in delivery and therefore have one less thing to worry about.

Our mission is to be the go-to consultancy for our customers, that means for you! We only achieve that mission if we consistently deliver for you.

Therefore we make you a promiseā€¦ if we do not add value, you can stand us down at any time.

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